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Welcome to our completley redesigned website, we are still rebuilding our product database and adding new items all the time so be sure to check back. Sheep Thrillz is the exclusive distributor of sheep related products derived from the artwork of Raven OKeefe and selected craftsmen. We invite you to explore our site, there have been a lot of changes and there are a lot more to come, lots of new products will be added in the coming weeks. Along with products derived from Ravens art we also have wool and wool products from our own flock of sheep. if you like sheep like we like sheep then we are sure you will find something that interests you in our product lines or information.  For Border Collie products check out our BC Styleyes web site, or if you want to see other breeds visit Canis Major Art.

Dont miss the 2017 Sheep thrillz SDT featuring a double lift championhsip round