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Sheep Information

Sheep at the end of the rainbowWe have gathered together all of our favorite sheep related links and information for you, we hope you find it useful.

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General information

bulletSheep Breeds
bulletNew Zealand Sheep
bulletSheep Resources (Oklahoma State)
bulletSheep Pocket Guide -- basic information on raising sheep
bulletSustainable Sheep Production -- an ATTRA publication, very useful
bulletFoundation for North American Wild Sheep
bulletPurdue University Sheep site
bulletUS Sheep Breeders Online Directory
bulletMaryland small ruminant page
bulletAmerican Sheep Industry Association
bulletSheep Management Calendar -- by J.M. Thompson at Oregon State University

Health information

bulletCliniWeb International -- a very extensive resource on sheep diseases
bullet VetGate sheep section -- A great resource from the UK
bulletSheep Veterinary Society -- another great site from the UK
bulletSheepVet -- a place where you can ask questions
bulletUnited States Animal Health Association -- links to lots of resources
bullet American Sheep Industry Association -- information on common US diseases
bulletSheep Disease --by R.M. Jordan, an extension publication with a lot of useful information
bulletUdder Diseases of sheep --by C.V. Bagley, another good extension publication
bullet Mineral Nutrition in Sheep -- By Brian Bell, very informative

Supplies for Shepherds

bulletPremier1-- Sheep specific products
bulletJeffers -- Medications and general farm products


bulletSheep Magazine
bulletSpin Off
bulletBlack Sheep Newsletter
bulletShepherd's Journal

Just for Fun
bulletLife on the Farm -- A series of articles written by us about life on our farm
bulletRuminations -- Ian's views on raising sheep
bulletThe Sheep Game -- too much fun
bulletBlack Sheep Brewery -- Brewery in the UK
bulletBlack Sheep Winery -- Wine from California


Raven and Minnie

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