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Sheep Thrillz "Green" Trial

Since 2010 we have attempted to make our trial as “green” as possible and we appreciate your help in this endeavour and encourage your participation in making our trial as green as possible. 


To encourage carpooling we charge admission to spectators by the car not by the person.

Sharing Knowledge

There will be signs and information at the trial explaining the various things we are doing and ways that you can implement these ideas in your home and at your own events.

Garbage Free

There are no garbage cans at the trial, competitors and spectators alike are asked to follow the "pack it in, pack it out" philosophy. We do provide receptacles for recyclable aluminum, plastic, glass, paper and biodegradeable/compostable "leftovers." If you bring anything that cannot be recycled or composted we ask that you take it with you when you leave. Our sincere thanks for your cooperation and support!

Plastic Usage Reduction

While we do not prohibit people bringing plastic containers with them, and while we do offer a plastics recycling container we strongly encourage the use of alternative containers. To promote this we use compostable cups for hot drinks served at the event. All snacks are also served in compostable containers. There will be NO plastic water bottles. We will have aluminum water bottles for sale at cost or you're welcome to bring your own bottles, and we'll have FREE ice water available to fill them.

Program Reuse

Spectators are encouraged to turn in their programs as they leave to be reused by others. We have developed a program that can be used from one year to the next to aid in the reduction of paper usage. The running order is posted at the trail and e-mailed to the competitors but printed running orders will not be available.

Continued Improvement

We strive to improve the green nature of our trial every year; if you have additional suggestions to help make our trial even greener we would love to hear them.