Stock Dog Trial Entry Form
Wolston Farms July 7-10, 2017

 Classes:  Open, Nursery, Pro-novice, Ranch
Judge: TBA
Sheep: Commercial Flock of Crossbred wool sheep (replacement value $250)
Entry Fees per run: Open -- $75 PN -- $30, Ranch -- $25, Nursery -- $30
Class order     Fri: Open,          Sat: Open
                        Sunday: Double lift Championship
                        Monday: Nursery (2 runs), Pro-Novice (1run), Ranch (1 run)
Handlers Meeting: 7:30 am each day
Trail Rules & Sanctioning: USBCHA
Awards: Open: Prize money to top 10% awards for top 3 dogs
              PN: Prize money to top 10% awards for top 3 dogs
              Ranch: Awards for top 2 dogs
              Nursery: Awards for qualifying dogs
              Double lift: Prize money to top 3. Awards for Champion and the Moss Award for best dog work at the shed.
Entry submission:  Entries must be postmarked between May 19 and May 26.  No refunds after June 9 without note from a veterinarian
Mail entries to: Ian Caldicott, Sheep Thrillz SDT, 39562 Highway 226, Scio, OR 97374
Checks made to: Wolston Farms
Questions: Call: 541-971-0372 or e-mail:
May be limited to 2 dogs per person per class, if entering more please put extra dogs on separate checks.

Dogs Name



# of Runs**



























Total entry fees


Handler/Owner Name: ________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________   e-mail: ________________________________

I, as a competitor, accept any and all responsibilities for any loss or damage that may occur to any livestock.  Also, if any damage, loss or injury to person or property shall be caused by reason of any neglect of willful act of any person, firm or corporation, or their agents, representatives, or employees having the privilege to be present, the land owner, the trial organizers, volunteers, and exhibitors shall in no manor be responsible and/or liable.  My payment acknowledges that I have read this and that I am responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damages caused by my dogs to the facilities, animals and/or persons.

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